Opening of Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich


»Into the future with a high-gloss headquarters.«

Feierliche Eröffnung der Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich

The new headquarters of Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich in the Stahlwerk Becker industrial park was ceremoniously opened last Friday.


We are pleased about the completion of this great project and would like to thank everyone involved for the good cooperation!


Photo: Christian Bommers, Christian Pakusch, Paul Schrömges, Martina Sanfleber, Nanette Amfaldern, Werner Damblon, Burkhard Schrammen und Tafil Pufia

Eröffnungsrede Architekt Burkhard Schrammen
Außenansicht Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich

Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich

Modern, open and sustainable – this is how the three-storey new building for Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich presents itself.

An airy and bright building whose main material is glass. Flexibly hanging ceramic elements in beige and red tones convey a light and lively impression; they also take up the colour scheme in the Becker steelworks.


Inside the building, visitors and employees are welcomed by a central open staircase, which describes a kind of marketplace that is available to all areas and serves as a meeting point and communication area. The design language here is not static, but soft and organic through curved lines. The topic of lightness and transparency, which also takes into account the working methods and the external impact of the municipal utilities, is conveyed here. This openness continues in the office space.


In line with the core area of activity of the municipal utilities, energy-efficient design and execution is elementary and offers customers added value.They can get to know the future-oriented technologies that the municipal energy supplier uses at the new location – for example, photovoltaics in conjunction with electromobility, heat pumps and fuel cells as well as intelligent, automated building control – directly on site.

Offenes Treppenhaus als "Marktplatz"


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