Perspectives for Ukrainian Colleagues


We offer positions as well as internships for Ukrainian architects.

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The last few weeks have stirred us all up. We at Schrammen Architekten cannot and do not want to ignore what is happening in Ukraine. Many of us are already helping in various ways.
What we can do as a company and employer is to give Ukrainian colleagues a perspective.




We understand that there are certainly many other things that need to be sorted out before we can think about applications and jobs. But anyone of our colleagues who is looking for a job, who would like to get involved or who would simply like to get to know us as an architectural office, is cordially invited to contact us!




We have already uploaded 2 job offers on the UA talents page as well as on other pages for Ukrainian professionals and would like to support Ukrainian colleagues in their job search, offer distraction and perspectives.




You can also get information and apply directly on our website. Here we have also integrated the information for Ukrainian colleagues of the Chamber of Architects NRW in English and Ukrainian.




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