Schrammen Architekten present their ideas for the “Seestadt”


Investor Catella invited to the topping-out and civic festival

Entwurf Seestadt Mönchengladbach


Last Friday, the “Seestadt” invited visitors to the circus ring on Breitenbachstraße in Mönchengladbach.


The Swedish investor Catella invited guests to the Seestadt festival, including a circus tent.


At the same time, the topping-out ceremony for the southern quarter of the site was celebrated.


In addition to government representatives and the Lord Mayor of the city of Mönchengladbach, all project participants were on site. The architectural offices already active in Catella’s “think tank” were to present their ideas and approaches to the further planning of the “Seestadt Mönchengladbach” in the circus awning.


We were also there and presented on two display boards how we see the Urban Lakeside and which approaches we are pursuing in this project.

In addition to the so-called railway-accompanying development, we showed designs for the lake houses as well as a high-rise building as a landmark of the quarter.


More on this will follow shortly. At the current stage, these are just drafts.

Seestadtfest Schrammen Architekten Collage

You want to know more about the seaside town?

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