Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich receives German Design Award Winner 2024



There is great news. The German Design Council has awarded »Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich« the German Design Award Winner 2024 in the Excellent Architecture – Architecture category.


Jury statement
The office building of Stadtwerke Meerbusch, constructed on a former steelworks site, exudes a friendly brightness, transparency, and inviting atmosphere with its clear design language and generous glazing – an impression that continues inside. A beautiful detail is the facade elements, which, with their various color tones, reference the brick buildings in the neighborhood.


German Design Award – The awards for excellent design
The German Design Awards are the premium prize of the German Design Council. With its global scope and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards have been identifying key design trends, presenting them to a broad public and honouring them. Extraordinary submissions in product design, communications design and architecture are selected each year.


The »Winner« distinction of the German Design Awards recognise outstanding and exemplary design achievements in the context of a specific category. An appropriate number of design products are honoured as »Winner« in each category. These are selected by a separate jury of experts in each category of the German Design Awards.

Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich
Modern, open, and sustainable – that’s how the new headquarters of Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich presents itself. The three-story office building was constructed on the site of the former Stahlwerk-Becker in the municipality of Willich. Over the last 20 years, a diverse business park has emerged at this location, where modern architecture alternates with restored landmarks.


The new office building is situated in an area with numerous historical buildings featuring characteristic brick facades. The building regulations required the use of brick in a certain percentage of the facade design.

To ensure sufficient flexibility, however, the building was intended to be entirely constructed of glass. Therefore, a structure was developed that can be placed in front of the glass facade, with flexibly suspended ceramic elements executed in various shades of beige and red after numerous color range tests. In this way, the building reflects the characteristic color palette of brick and harmoniously blends into the color scheme of the surrounding business park.

Another exciting element of this building is the self-supporting connecting staircase. Visitors and employees are welcomed inside by a central, open staircase that forms a kind of marketplace, accessible to all areas and serving as a meeting and communication area. The curved, organic lines of the staircase emphasize the themes of lightness and transparency, expressing the company’s working style.

The spatial openness extends into the 3,500 sqm of office space, promoting communication, creative work, and flexible teamwork. Smaller rooms are available for meetings, confidential phone calls, and focused work.


The energy efficiency of the Stadtwerke building is not only visible in its quality but also experiential for visitors. Innovative technologies such as photovoltaic modules for home electricity generation, electric mobility, or the heat pump with heat recovery and fuel cell for hot water production can be explored firsthand on-site.


Photos: Philip Kistner


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