Our Office 4.0 project was able to prevail in the competition


New building on Rheydter Straße

Schrammen Architekten BDA

Now it’s out:

Our Office 4.0 project won the competition and the RP Mönchengladbach reports on the planned construction on Rheydter Straße.


Responding to the changing world of work and higher education as well as living up to the ideas of the master plan – these were the challenges to which our Office 4.0 project responds.

The plan is for a meandering structure that looks like an “S” from above. As a result, the contemporary building offers a plaza on the outside that promotes communication.

Inside, the communicative approach continues. Flexible office spaces respond to the changing world of work. The first floor features open spaces and co-working spaces. Start-ups and freelancers, for example, can work here; exchange and joint projects are possible here.

Thinking cells, team zones, meeting areas can be used as needed. Thus, the building responds to changes, expensive reconstruction measures are not necessary.

The building serves as a modern office building as well as an institute building and thus also responds to the growing space requirements of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.

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