Modular timber construction


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Holzmodul mit Kran

We are currently building one of our projects in modular timber construction.
The timber modules are prefabricated in the factory hall, transported by truck to the construction site and assembled into a complete building with a crane within a very short time. This is what distinguishes modular construction.


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Project participants:
Schrammen Architekten BDA
PRIMUS developments
Kaufmann Bausysteme GmbH

Holzmodulbau Werkshalle
Holzmodulbau Werkshalle

Modular timber construction is particularly suitable for schools, office buildings, hotels, residential complexes, student dormitories or nursing homes. Wherever living space needs to be created quickly in urban areas. Modular timber construction impresses with its fast, precise and environmentally friendly construction method in contrast to conventional construction methods. The construction time is often reduced by up to 75 percent compared to construction methods with mineral building materials.

Holzmodulbau Baustelle


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