Station and police station Mönchengladbach – Rheydt


2nd place in competition


We are very proud of our team who have made a great contribution

This project has challenged us in a positive sense and kept us on our toes. We were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners of the competition for the planning of a retail and service building as the Mönchengladbach-Rheydt train station and were awarded 2nd place by EWMG.


Nevertheless, we would like to give an insight into our planning at this point, of which we are quite proud. In addition to the functional parts of the building for the police, we also looked at the urban context and took into account the latest scientific and psychological findings as well as the issue of sustainability.

Bahnhof Rheydt

Street view

Urban context

We have deliberately placed the buildings in such a way that the urban appearance is architecturally enhanced. The building complex sets itself apart from the existing development and improves the quality of stay. This is enhanced by the round design, the resulting station forecourt and the light-filled station concourse, which opens up to the city/the platform like a large window.

Bahnhof Rheydt

Perspective Bahnhofsstraße

Building on the move

The shape of the building with its curves certainly catches the eye. Here, in addition to the aesthetic effect, we were concerned with another effect – that on our psychology. Because “form follows emotion”, it has been proven that people react more positively to curved lines than to straight lines. Unconsciously, curved shapes generate less aggression. Certainly worth considering at a train station where soccer fans also congregate. Likewise, rounded shapes provide less anxiety spaces, the feeling that something is waiting “around the corner” does not develop so pronounced.


The two buildings, each at least 3 stories high, are connected by the spacious and light station concourse in between.


The interior of the buildings reveals a structure that allows maximum flexibility of use and thus longevity. Suitable usable spaces are designated for both a government building (police) and an office, retail and service building. Small, commercial as well as combined offices are conceivable. In the open first floor zone, a small kiosk as well as a supermarket can move in. The adjacent glazed station concourse can even be extended if required. This means that the station building can also be expanded in terms of space.

Bahnhof Rheydt

West view

Sustainability concept

The long-lasting and flexible use of the building ensures sustainability. This is also reflected in the materials used. Parts of the facade, for example, can be recycled. A large proportion of the materials to be used were selected according to sustainable principles; for example, the glass wool should have a high proportion of recycled glass. Natural elements, such as wood, as well as the green roof areas facing Bahnhofsstraße reinforce the ecological approach.


Some of the approaches and ideas we have developed for this exciting project we will certainly be able to use in a different form in future projects. We are proud to have made it to the shortlist with our design. We still stand behind this exciting project and therefore did not want to withhold it from you.

Bahnhof Rheydt

View from south


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