Tag der Architektur (Day of Architecture) 2024


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Tag der Architektur 2024

Tag der Architektur (Day of Architecture) 2024. We’re participating!


Visit the award-winning new headquarters of Stadtwerke Service Meerbusch Willich in the Stahlwerk Becker business park in Willich.


When: June 29, 2024, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Where: Stadtwerke Service Meerbusch Willich, Gießerallee 24, 47877 Willich


The annual Day of Architecture organized by the Chamber of Architects NRW provides insights into the diversity of architecture. New or renovated buildings, commercial properties, offices, practices, restaurants, gardens, squares, and parks open their doors. Planners, together with clients, explain design concepts and special features in the implementation.

Stadtwerke Service Meerbusch Willich
Modern, open, and sustainable – this is how the new headquarters of Stadtwerke Meerbusch Willich presents itself. The three-story office building was constructed on the site of the former Stahlwerk-Becker in the municipality of Willich. Over the past 20 years, a diverse business park has developed here, where modern architecture alternates with restored monuments.


The new office building is located in an area with a high concentration of historic buildings featuring characteristic brick facades. The building code requirement for the new construction was to use brick for a certain percentage of the facade design.

To ensure sufficient flexibility, the building was to be constructed entirely of glass. Therefore, a structure was developed to be placed in front of the glass facade, with flexible hanging ceramic elements that were executed in beige and red tones after many color trials. This way, the building reflects the characteristic color palette of clinker brick and blends harmoniously into the color scheme of the surrounding business park.

Another exciting element of this building is the self-supporting connecting staircase. Visitors and employees are greeted inside by a central, open staircase that describes a kind of marketplace, available to all areas and serving as a meeting and communication space. The curved, organic lines of the staircase emphasize the themes of lightness and transparency, reflecting the company’s working style.

The spatial openness continues in the 3,500 sqm of office space, promoting communication, creative work, and flexible teamwork. Smaller rooms are available for meetings, confidential phone calls, and focused work.


The energy efficiency of the Stadtwerke building is not only visible in its quality but also tangible for visitors. Here, innovative technologies such as photovoltaic modules for domestic power generation, electromobility, or the heat pump with heat recovery and fuel cell for hot water production can be experienced firsthand.


Photos: Philip Kistner


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