The BDA is looking for the best buildings at the Lower Rhine



BDA Architecture Prize Left Lower Rhine 2020

For the eighth time, the BDA (Association of German Architects) is awarding the Architecture Prize Left Lower Rhine. The central objective of the BDA is to promote the quality of planning and building in responsibility towards society and the environment. The Architecture Prize of the Left Lower Rhine is intended to contribute to creating greater awareness of the importance of a high-quality and sustainable design of our built environment and to stimulate public discussion of this issue.


By awarding the prize to exemplary examples from all areas of construction, both everyday and prominent construction projects, quality standards are set in contemporary architecture and urban planning. Today, more than ever before, responsible action by building owners, architects and urban planners means taking climate change seriously and making convincing contributions to overcoming ecological challenges. Prize-worthy architecture, whether in existing or new buildings, conserves resources, is sustainable and climate-friendly. The success of high-quality architectural and urban development projects is not only due to the work of the architects and urban planners involved, but also to the efforts of the client. Both good cooperation is honored by the awards and recognitions.


The architecture prize of the BDA Linker Niederrhein is usually awarded every 3 years. Buildings, groups of buildings and urban development facilities of any use that were completed after 01.01.2017 are eligible for the award procedure. The catchment area comprises the entire left Lower Rhine with the cities and districts of Mönchengladbach, Viersen, Krefeld, Kleve and Wesel (left bank of the Rhine).


An independent jury awards prizes and recognitions to architects and builders in the form of a plaque for the building and a certificate. The works are documented in a brochure and exhibited publicly.


Architects and builders interested in this competition procedure must submit their work by 02.11.2020. The awards and recognitions will probably be presented by the jury on 13.11.2020. The works with the “award” rank will be nominated for participation in the “Architecture Prize North Rhine-Westphalia”, offered by the BDA Landesverband NRW.
The application for participation must be submitted with immediate effect to BDA Linker Niederrhein, c/o Philipp von der Linde Architekt BDA, Am Nierspark 24, 47608 Geldern, phone 02831 / 1330995, e-mail [email protected]. For each participating work a fee of 150.00 euros with the name of the participant and the note “Architecture Prize 2020” must be transferred to the account of the BDA Linker Niederrhein at the Sparkasse Mönchengladbach, IBAN: DE03 3105 0000 1003 1599 91, BIC: MGLSDE33. Each participant will receive a documentation of the submitted works at the award ceremony. The dispatch of the documentation and the return of the submitted works is not planned.

Credit: Stadtmauerhaus, Anerkennung guter Bauten 2017, B+E Fotografie


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