1st prize in competition and commissioning


New construction of the fire station south in Neuss

The positive events at Schrammen Architects have taken off:

We are very happy about the 1st place of the architectural competition “New building of the fire station in Neuss”.

The basic idea for the concept of the new fire department building arose from the reflection on simple, cubic building types of the modern age.

The basic design elements of the cubic building types are the square and the cube, they are simply and objectively designed. Cubic building types usually have open floor plans and large glass windows that allow a lot of light to enter the interior. This creates an urban loft feeling.

In their functional simplicity and monolithic appearance, the individual buildings appear as an ensemble that makes it possible to experience a coherent large form with flat roofs both inside and out. The ensemble also consists mainly of technical/metallic materials, which reflect the technical aspects on the outside. The traditional form is thus continued in a new, modern architectural language.

The deliberate, urbanistic setting of the fire station picks up the shape of the property and places the 4 modules for improving the performance of the fire department in a long, differentiated ensemble in west-east direction.


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