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Topping-out ceremony for Stadtwerke Willich Meerbusch


Insights and the state of affairs of public utility service Willich Meerbusch

Stadtwerke Service schwarze Treppe

Another milestone in our project for Stadtwerke Willich Meerbusch is pending: the topping-out ceremony will be celebrated on July 6, 2021.

We would like to use this occasion to present you with further details of this beautiful project.

Have a look inside

The project is exemplary for the municipal utilities (Stadtwerke) in terms of both execution and design. So all deadlines and deadlines have been met so far – Schrammen Architects are perfectly on schedule with the implementation!


The design of the building is also exemplary, both visually and in terms of sustainability. This can be seen, for example, in the materials used. After the building has already been extensively represented from the outside, we now reveal some exciting details about the interior design.


The desired openness and transparency, which should also reflect the demands of the municipal utility, is underlined on the ground floor with the central open staircase. This welcomes the visitors and employees of the municipal utilities like a market place and promotes encounters and exchange. The design language is not static here, but rather soft, almost organic and very modern thanks to the curved lines.


The reception area in combination with the stairs and the skylight are sure to catch the eye. The reception desk and the counter furniture in both kitchens have an inviting effect thanks to their curved, organic design language. This furniture was specially designed for this building by Schrammen Architects and is therefore unique.

Stadtwerke Empfang

Lobby and staircase


The furniture corresponds to the staircase, which is almost sculptural thanks to its shape and color. The high-contrast combination of light white with modern black and natural wooden steps has a presence and a lightness at the same time.

The staircase not only connects the floors, but is also a link between the building parts and different office zones.


The focus here was on the quality of the workplace for the employees. As already mentioned, it was important to take into account the different demands of the different generations on employees. That is why there are modern open-space offices as well as retreats in think tanks and meeting rooms.


Among other things, attention is paid to good acoustics. Natural wooden slats, for example, support this and are used in meeting rooms, they also have a warm effect. This natural aspect also corresponds to the concept of sustainability that is behind the planning and that was continued right through to the selection of the materials for the interiors. Be it with the cast floor on the ground floor, which is made from the oil of the castor plant and is completely biodegradable, or e.g. when daylight is used for lighting by means of intelligent control.


The building by Schrammen Architects sets standards in terms of appearance as well as the usage and interior concept and will serve the employees and visitors of Stadtwerke Willich Meerbusch in a sustainable and long-lasting manner.


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